Easy Wood Tools COMBO= Pro Easy Rougher+Pro Easy Finisher+Pro Easy Detailer

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I have recently begun turning wood on my new lathe.  I didn't spend much on the lathe, it's the Harbor Freight 33" model.  I tried to use some cheapo gouges, skews, and scrapers as well.  Well, I found that this is one area where you don't want to skimp.  I have had no classes, and learned everything I know through YouTube.  

So part of my problem was lack of training, and part of it was poor tools.  So, I did some research and many people had recommended these tools.  Not only recommended, but some of the old wood turners were visibly upset when asked about these.  They would say that they preferred the old way.  They get great results with what they have, so why change?

Well, I decided to purchase this set and the results I am getting are amazing.  Remember, I've never had a class or any instruction outside of YouTube.  But these tools are all I've used and I don't plan on buying those gouges and skews.  But the biggest selling point for me is SAFETY.  I do not get any catches, so that lessens the chance of a piece flying at me.  

To sum it up, the safety factor alone sells me on this product, but I also feel a little guilty, because I am getting some outstanding results without spending years learning in a shop.