My First Blog Post

         For my first post, I'll start with what inspired me to make this site.  To date, I've made three versions of this map.  I'll post some of the other ones I've completed soon.  I like to travel and talk about some of the cool places I've been.  I put little red flags in each city in which I've traveled, and that sparks some great conversation.  People will open up about themselves when they see that they have been to some of the same places.  

         This particular map is made from pine, stained a nice dark walnut color.  I then paint the landmasses onto the piece.  The white is actually a nice cream color, not sure if that comes through on the picture.  If I had it to do again, I would probably do a relief carving with my router to cut away the water, leaving the land masses the stained dark wood color, with the water being the nice light pine color.  I'll have a post about a piece I've made with that technique up soon, as well.

         The wood is simply screwed together on the back.  I used screws instead of glue as they allow for a little more movement as temperatures and air pressure changes.  You don't want the piece to crack!  It is hung using a french cleat on the back.  With such a heavy piece, you'd need that system to support the weight.