The Old Barn

This was a fun project that I took on a while back, with quite the back story.  My wife's sister was playing around on Google Maps one day with the street level view, and came across this old barn on her property.  It had been blown away by the Super Tuesday Tornado that swept through Primm Springs, TN on Feb. 5, 2008.  If a tornado gets a name and a wiki page, then you know it was a big one.

No one had a picture of this barn, but it was important to her and her in-laws as it was built by Elton Turman, her husbands great grandfather, and grandfather Lester Turman in 1945 after Lester returned home from WWII.  Lester went to trade school to be a carpenter.  His first project completed was the barn.  All of the wood used was cut from the farm.  Measurements 50 x 60 feet had a great big loft that would hold 3000 square bales of hay.  The lower level of the barn had a tack room, 5 stalls and one manger.  They hung tobacco, run cattle/mules, stored hay.  

So she asked me to help memorialize the barn in a work piece, and I was more than happy to do so.  I used some old barn wood that I had been saving (not from this barn unfortunately, that was all scattered and not recovered).  I stained it a nice dark color and using the picture she found in Google, drew out the outline and carved away skyline and driveway.  I then used my scroll saw to cut out the trees and half-inlay them into the piece.